Weight Management

Does your weight, % body fats and visceral fats affects your chances of trying to conceive? ABSOLUTELY! Being overweight reduce your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby significantly. It is not just your body weight that could be affecting your chances for getting pregnant? The % of your body fats and % visceral fats may be affecting your fertility. You can be in the healthy weight range but if the % of your body fats and visceral fats are extremely high, it definitely affects your fertility.

Shedding off a few kilos of body fats and visceral fats can make a huge difference on your body. It can adjust your menstrual cycle, helping you to ovulate on time (not too early, not too late in the menstrual cycle). Your spouse’s weight will also affect your chances of trying to conceive.

Overweight and obesity can cause hormonal imbalances and affect your ovulation. Obesity is one of the common reasons associated with poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) as well. PCOS is a hormonal condition in women which affects your fertility.

Overweight in a woman will also increase the risk of pregnancy complications and health problems for the baby. Some of these risk are higher chances of miscarriage, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, infection, blood clotting, need for induction of labour, Caesarean birth, stillbirth and etc.

Babies born to overweight or obese mothers are more likely than those born to healthy-weight mothers to become obese children and adults, and to have more health problems as they grow up.

You may be thinking, my biological clock is ticking and I can’t stop trying to conceive to shed that few kgs to improve or I can’t find time to exercise. Or you already exercising regularly but yet you are not able to shed off much weight. Exercise makes up 20% of weight loss and 80% is highly controlled by your diet. Your eating habits need to be adjusted and lifestyle changes need to be incorporated as well.

ageLOC®TR90® is a weight management course. Within 90 days, it can help to transform your body, reduce your body fats and visceral fats, reduce your body weight and improve your health overall. Why this weight program? It does not just provide you with slimming pills. More importantly, it guides you to eat ‘healthier’, make some changes in your food intake daily so that the weight you shed off will not pile back after 90 days. During this period of 90 days, there is a consultant who will guide and followup with you regularly and you do not have to stop TTC. Even if you are on the program and discover you got pregnant after some time, you do not need to worry if the foetus will be affected by the supplements you took as all the ingredients are made from natural ingredients and there is nothing inside harmful that will affect the development of the foetus.

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